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Get 4.00% APY* and bring home the bacon with a High-Yield Savings. Click to learn more.
Earn 4.00% APY*

Get 4.00% APY* and bring home the bacon with a High-Yield Savings.

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Today's Interest Rates

Enjoy interest rates that put more money in your pocket and a smile on your face.

Auto Loan Rates

Finding the right rate for your next car or truck can make a big difference on your monthly payment. 

Certificate of Deposit Rates

Looking for competitive interest rates with guaranteed returns? You’ve come to the right place.

Checking Account Rates

Check out these checking account rates.

Credit Card Rates

Have peace of mind with your next purchase and enjoy a low-interest credit card.

Home Mortgage Rates

Whether you're buying, refinancing or using your equity in a home, we're here to make the mortgage process easy for you.


Use the equity you've built for your next renovation, dream vacation and more.

IRA Rates

When retirement is on the horizon, you need peace of mind.

Lifestyle Loan Rates

Get the cash you need when you need it. OKCU’s Lifestyle loan provides the funds you need with a low monthly payment that fits your budget.

Recreational Vehicle Rates

Don’t get left in the dust. Find a rate that works for your next joy ride.

Savings Account Interest Rates

Competitive rates that make saving money a little easier.

Student Loan Rates

Leave the worrying for homework and tests, not your student loan.

Business Savings Rates

Savings rates that make sense for your business.

Business Checking Rates

Enjoy checking rates that work hard for your business.

Business Certificate Rates

Put your extra funds to work.

Happy to Help

I have had several instances over the years when OKCU has helped me get through a financial pinch. The most recent situation was not a need but a want. OKCU allowed us to borrow the funds to take a dream vacation!
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