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Get 4.00% APY* and bring home the bacon with a High-Yield Savings. Click to learn more.
Earn 4.00% APY*

Get 4.00% APY* and bring home the bacon with a High-Yield Savings.

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Business Certificates

Enjoy a low-risk investment for your business.

Set aside extra funds with a business certificate


A certificate is a safe and secure investment for your business. Learn about the benefits of an OKCU certificate.

Low opening balances
Flexible terms

Certificate terms range from 6 to 60 months

No risk

No risk of losing your principal balance

Guaranteed rate

Earn a guaranteed rate for the term of your certificate

Accessible funds

Your money is always accessible by contacting us

Federally insured

Funds are federally insured by NCUA

Do more with your money with a certificate laddering strategy


Certificate laddering allows you to maximize your earnings while having access to your money on a regular basis. For example, instead of opening a $5,000 certificate for 5 years you would open 5 certificates for $1,000 each for the following terms:

  • 12 months
  • 24 months
  • 36 months
  • 48 months
  • 60 months

As each certificate matures you can use the funds you need or roll them into a new certificate.

View Today’s Business Certificate of Deposit Rates

View OKCU’s competitive business certificate rates to see how much you can earn in interest.

Open a business certificate of deposit today, all online.


Opening a certificate online only takes a few minutes.


Open a certificate online using the link below


Choose your term


Choose your deposit amount


Complete the application

Wait for the certificate to mature and enjoy your earnings!

Happy to Help

OKCU has been paramount to the success of my business. They helped my vision to become a reality.
OKCU is more than just a credit union, for us, OKCU is a part of our community and friends to count on. We appreciate all that they do for us.
I can't say enough about how helpful and thorough Barbara was. She went above and beyond and made the entire experience absolutely seamless.
It is clear that OKCU invests in their employees because their employees care about investing in their customer's needs and desires.
Constance and OKCU have been my team members for business success and personal life enjoyments. Life is too hard not to have a great banking partner. 
I love the personalized attention I receive! 
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Helping Oklahomans

Scheduled close-outs are permitted. Certificates will automatically renew for another term at maturity. After the certificate matures, you have a 7 day grace period to make a deposit or withdraw the funds. A penalty may be imposed if you withdraw the funds before the maturity date.

Early withdrawal penalties:

  • 6 - 12 month certificates - dividends earned or would be earned, up to 90 days
  • 13 - 60 month certificates - dividends earned or would be earned, up to 180 days
  • See additional account information for early withdrawal exceptions