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Checking FAQ

Since you use your checking account almost every day, you're bound to have some questions. Here's some information about how your account works.

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Since you use your checking account almost every day, you're bound to have some questions. Here's some information about how your account works. Contact Us

Dig into the details about your checking account

What are ACH payments?

Payments that are created when you give an originating institution, corporation, or other person authorization to debit directly from your checking account, by paper check, over-the-phone phone payment or electronically.

What are Same Day ACH payments?

Payments that may be withdrawn from your checking account as soon as the very same day you authorize them. As an effort to improve and modernize the U.S. payments system, the federal government has made changes to encourage Same Day ACH payments beginning September 15, 2017.

How does this affect me?

Any ACH payment you make, such as to pay a bill or to transfer funds, could clear your account on the same day you write the check or authorize the payment. You must ensure that you always have sufficient funds in your account to cover every payment you make, authorize, or initiate.

What are the benefits of this change?

This conversion will enable you to make easier on-time bill payments and faster crediting when you move money among accounts that you own at different financial institutions.

Will these transactions post automatically?

While these types of payments won't be reflected on your account balance as quickly as your debit card and ATM transactions, you will have access to more accurate information about your actual available account balance more frequently throughout the business day.

Will my direct deposit be affected?

No, your direct deposit will continue to be credited to your account on the correct posting date. 

What are the benefits of a checking account?

  • Select a FREE debit card that fits your personality
  • Real-time account transfers
  • Digital Banking for everyday transactions
  • Digital check images and eStatements
  • Access to over 900 surcharge-free ATMs across Oklahoma

How can I set up a checking account for my child?

Simply fill out the online application here. If the child is under the age of 18, they will need somebody over the age of 18 to be on the account with them. The child will receive a $10 iTunes® Gift Card when the account is opened with $25. Parents or guardians can set up online banking so that they can view their child’s account in the same place as their accounts.

What types of overdraft protection do you offer?

If you have insufficient funds in your checking account, OKCU offers several options for overdraft protection. To check out these options, take a look at our Overdraft Protection page. 

How long does it take for a debit card purchase to post to my account?

It depends on the merchant, but typically within 48 hours.

How long will it be before my check deposit is in my account?

If done at an OKCU or Co-Op Shared Branch, deposited funds are immediately available unless placed on hold. Mobile deposits are reviewed throughout the day and deposited within the hour of review. Deposited funds are immediately available unless placed on hold.

Why was my check placed on hold?

Government Regulations (Reg CC) dictates how much of a check can be placed on hold and how long that hold can be. OKCU trains all staff to follow government regulations when processing checks. In most cases, a check is placed on hold due to either non-matching funds in the member’s account or the total deposit being over $5,525. Upon account opening we provide deposit hold regulations to members, and are more than happy to go over the specifics upon request. Exceptions can be made by supervisors only. These regulations help protect the member (e.g., cashing a fraudulent check given to them) and the credit union from losing money.

What are the debit card designs?

Rewards Debit Account Designs:
Thunder Up
State Seal
Snap, Perk and Privilege Checking Account Designs
Local Artist
Cassette Tape
Business Checking Account Designs

How do I upgrade my current checking account to the Rewards Debit Account?

If you would like to upgrade to the Rewards Debit Account, please fill out this form. If you’re eligible, we’ll begin your upgrade as soon as possible.

What is the Round Up feature?

The Round Up feature allows you to save automatically. Each POS transaction you make is rounded up to the next whole dollar and that change is deposited to your Savings Account. For example, when you spend $3.75, $0.25 is rounded up and added to your Savings.

Can you change the Round Up amount to be more?


Are there times when the Round Up feature won’t occur?

Yes. The round up feature will not make your debit account go negative. For example, if you buy a drink and the total is $4.55 and the available balance in your Rewards Debit Account is $4.75, then $4.55 will be debited from your account and nothing will be rounded up. $0 will be deposited into your savings account.

Can I turn the Round Up feature off?

Yes, you can turn this feature on and off any time. Just give us a call. When you open your account, you will automatically be enrolled in this feature.

Can I get the Round Up feature on my current checking account?

The Round Up feature is only available with the Rewards Debit Account.

Can I have multiple Savings accounts for my round up money to be deposited in?


Can two separate Rewards Debit accounts share the same Savings?


If I open my account mid-month, am I still required to make the minimum 25 debit card purchases?

No. You will only have to make a minimum of 25 debit card purchases for each full month you have the account.

Is the minimum 25 debit card purchases requirement per debit card or per account?

It’s per account. If you are joint members on an account, as long as you collectively make the minimum 25 transactions per month, you will not be charged a fee.

What can I get with my Rewards Debit Account points and how do I use them?

To view points and redeem rewards, log into online banking via your computer or the mobile app. Click on the button labeled “Redeem Rewards” or call 855.475.0800 to redeem. You can use your points to earn travel rewards, cash back and gift cards to local businesses.

Why aren’t my reward points showing up?

It can take up to 30 days for your point balance to be viewed online.

Happy To Help Stories

Why do our members love being part of OKCU? Find out below.

  • Phyllis R.

    The OKCU staff was helpful and courteous when I opened a checking account. Their suggestions, guidance, and options have kept me coming back to OKCU.

    – Phyllis R.

  • Valerie R.

    My debit card was deactivated so OKCU fixed the issue and issued me a new card, I was really surprised I received it within two days.

    – Valerie R.

  • Lacey M.

    OKCU was quick to notice wrongful debit card charges and alerted me immediately. They stopped charges from being made and were able to get the ones that had been made reversed.

    – Lacey M.

  • Brigette G.

    Oklahoma style attitude with every single call or visit at the superb level of customer service for the ultimate banking experience.

    – Brigette G.

  • Chris I.

    This is the first financial institution that has made me feel like I actually make a difference by banking with them.

    – Chris I.

  • Iva K
    Needed assistance adding my son to my checking account and was very easily taken care of.

    – Iva K.
    ​Member Since 2005
  • Jennifer A
    They gave me a new card... The same day!

    – Jennifer A.
    ​Member Since 2014 
  • Floricela C
    The debit card was ready for me to pick up the next day, which I preferred instead of receiving it by mail.

    – Floricela C.
    ​Member Since 2005