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Spice up your savings with up to 4.59 APY*
Get up to 4.59% APY*

Spice up your savings with a Money Market Savings Account and get up to 4.59% APY*.

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Direct Deposit Forms

Save time on payday and get access to your funds more quickly with direct deposit.

Oklahoma County


State of Oklahoma

Need a Direct Deposit Cover Letter?

We can provide a direct deposit cover letter for you. Just contact us to get it started.

It's Easy to Move Your Account

It’s easy to move recurring payments and direct deposits to your OKCU account with the help of a personal Checking Concierge at no cost to you.

Hear from the best part of OKCU - our members

OKCU was quick to notice wrongful debit card charges and alerted me immediately. They stopped the charges from being made and were able to get the fraudulent ones resolved.
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