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Earn 4.00% APY*

Get 4.00% APY* and bring home the bacon with a High-Yield Savings.

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Business Calculators

From Business Cash Flow To Consolidation Loans, these calculators will give you the tools you need for the next step for your business.

Repaying a Business Loan

Estimate projected monthly payments, accrued interest and payoff information for your business loan.

Projecting Your Cash Flow

The business cash flow calculator will help take the guessing out of your projected cash flow.

Financial Ratio Analysis

Crunch the numbers to see your profit and income.

Business Debt Consolidation

You can use your commercial loan to consolidate business debt, paying off expensive credit lines and lowering your monthly payment for years to come.

Business Loan Payments

If you’re looking for a commercial loan, this calculator will tell you what your monthly payment will be.

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Constance and OKCU have been my team members for business success and personal life enjoyments. Life is too hard not to have a great banking partner. 
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