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Finding Your Financial Feng Shui

September 1, 2023

Everyone has their own aesthetic and design preferences, but have you ever gotten the ick walking into a super cluttered room? Or maybe the furniture layout makes you want to HGTV it? Some of those subconscious cues might be attributed to the overall Feng shui of the space, and it can impact more than just your vibes.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art of organizing a space to promote harmony and balance between you and your surroundings. Now, you may be thinking, how could moving furniture around your room help your financial situation? Incorporating some of the core tenants of Feng shui into your life could actually inspire positive changes within your money routine and help you manifest wealth and abundance.

Inviting Prosperity Into Your Home

Creating a positive overall flow in your living space—a house, an apartment or even just your room—can lead to balance and harmony in your financial life. Here are a few ways to introduce Feng shui for financial success into your life:

💰Create a Wealth Corner

Having intention and acting on it is the first step toward many things, especially in finance. Outside of working towards what you want, you should have a designated area in your home where you think about and discuss money, investments, career, etc.

According to the Bagua, a Feng shui energy map, the southwest corner is the best place for your wealth corner. This area is known for attracting wealth and prosperity in your life.

🧹Clear Clutter

We absorb our environment like sponges, and having a disorganized space can not only negatively affect your mental well-being but can also harm your flow of wealth. Minimization and organization is the name of this game.

First, minimize clutter by identifying the things in your home that you truly need and bring value to your life. Donate or get rid of excess because household items without a use only restrict the energy flow in your spaces. Then, organize your spaces to suit your daily routines and promote positive growth. Removing the blockages will allow good energy to flow and keep your goals on track.

🔋Powerful Placement

Many things can help elevate the wealth and good fortune your space attracts, from the colors you use to the items you include. Using greens, purples and reds in your interior design enhances the power, but too much can throw off the balance, so just don’t go overboard.

There are also some objects that can help attract different aspects of a prosperous life, and incorporating them into your space can help create the best vibes for big bucks. For example:

🌊A flowing water source attracts a flow of finances

Try adding a small fountain or water feature somewhere in your home.

💸Coins and paper currency welcome wealth

A tray for cash and change in your wealth corner would do the trick.

✨Crystals such as citrine draw in positive energy and abundance

While we want to keep clutter at bay, citrine crystals would make excellent decor for any end table, bookcase or display shelf.

🌳A money plant will invite prosperity and breathe life into the space

This plant would also make a great addition to any space, but just make sure it gets the proper sunlight to thrive!

🚪Activate an Inviting Entry

The entry to your space is known as the “mouth of qi.” This is considered the most important section of your home because it’s where you welcome all the abundance and opportunities into your life. Therefore, it is important that you treat this space well.

You should regularly deep clean this area, keep any welcome mat free of debris, and decorate with colors and items that invite positive energy. It’s also recommended that you walk through the entry to your space at least once a day to keep it active.

📈Leveling Up

Whether it’s strengthening your financial core, practicing your money mantras, or aligning your aesthetic with Feng shui for financial success, taking steps to make monetary gains is admirable at any level. Even if you don’t witness immediate gains, working on improving your financial habits and life will help keep your future goals front and center. But if you ever need some support, you’ve always got local resources that are Happy to Help!

The information and topics features are for information purposes only and does not constitute legal, tax or financial advice. All financial situations and circumstances are different and may not apply to the specific information provided. Seek the advice of a financial professional, tax consultant, or legal counsel to obtain guidance specific to your needs.