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Yoga for a Strong Financial Core

February 1, 2023

Do you want the secret to building a strong financial core? It’s more than just stressing out over spreadsheets or eating Ramen every day. A strong financial core requires a healthy mind, body and understanding of your unique financial flow. 🌀

What’s a financial flow?🤷 Great question!

You know how a yoga instructor has you move through a series of poses (or a flow) to activate different muscle groups and create a continuous, smooth motion that takes you from one move to the next? 🌊 Well, a financial flow works similarly—just replace yoga poses with financial practices. The practices should work together, helping you seamlessly transition through the motions to establish stability and build your money muscles. 🏋️


3-Step Flow for a Strong Financial Core

Now, who’s ready to transform their financial life? Today’s flow specifically targets your “financial core,” so let’s start with a warm up.

Warm Up: Full-Financial Stretch

First, take some time to identify where your focus needs to be. Some light stretching and personal reflection will help you find out where to start your flow. Here are a few things to think about:
💸Are you working to shed your debt?
🏡Are you looking at Zillow for houses you have the financial strength to invest in?
💪Are you wanting to see gains in your credit limit?

The best starting pose for you depends on your current financial focus and goals. Staying mindful of your position in life is important because the wrong pose at the wrong time can add undue pressure to your core. Listen to your body, don’t hurt yourself and let’s get flowing! 🤸

Image showing someone doing the warrior pose


The Warrior

If you’re looking to make a dent in your debt or rebalance your payment plans, it’s time to strike the Warrior pose. The Warrior is meant to help you find your place of strength and achieve financial freedom. This pose should be done on both sides, establishing a strong and balanced foundation from which you can attack your debt head-on.


Pro Tip

In yoga, modifications are made to poses based on experience and flexibility, so don’t worry about fitting your financial flow to any cookie-cutter plans. It’s all about finding the best way to execute these poses for yourself (there are even five variations of the Warrior pose alone!).


Examples of when to channel your inner Warrior:
⚔️Past debts have created difficulty in exploring new opportunities
⚔️ Feeling restricted, encumbered or uncertain about your strategy
⚔️ Regular check-ins to keep your core goals on track—the key is consistency, not sheer


Image showing someone doing the tree pose


The Tree

The Warrior gets us fired up and engages those money muscles. Now you can take that newfound strength and flow into our next pose, the Tree. Finding balance on a single foot, reach your arms high above. The Tree is how you find growth through saving and investing. As long as you keep a sturdy base, you can branch out toward new opportunities and continue building power in your financial core.

Examples of when to be the Tree:
🌳Saving up to plant roots with a home of your own
🌳Considering new investment opportunities to diversify your portfolio
🌳Making a plan to balance your spending and saving


Image showing someone doing the plank pose


The Plank

The ultimate core-burning position! This pose is essential to capitalizing on the gains from the rest of your flow. The Plank helps you build and maintain your credit, so you'll find that you return to this position again and again throughout the financial yoga journey. The routine nature of this part of your flow is similar to some credit-building tactics—like paying your bills on time each month. As you build your credit, it will provide even greater comfort and support during your daily routine.

Examples of prime Plank time include:
🪵 Finding flexible or self-sufficient credit-building options
🪵 Leading up to large purchases or investments
🪵 If you feel like you’ve neglected your financial core strength lately

Repeat or Remix?

No one gets six-pack abs overnight. Consistency is the key to building a strong physical and financial core. There’s no requirement or limit to the number of times you repeat this specific flow—you might even find new poses to add to the routine!

Gif that reads "just believe in yourself. Keep practicing. Keep doing what you gotta do and you can makeit."

Modifications and variations are there for a reason—to fit your needs! Don’t be afraid to change things up based on what feels best. But, no matter what phase of strengthening your financial core you’re at, take the flow at your own pace and reach out for support if you need it.


The information and topics features are for information purposes only and does not constitute legal, tax or financial advice. All financial situations and circumstances are different and may not apply to the specific information provided. Seek the advice of a financial professional, tax consultant, or legal counsel to obtain guidance specific to your needs.