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Undergrad Loans

Invest in your future the smart way with competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms.

A Better Way to Pay for College


Secure funding for your entire undergraduate career with just one application.* In future academic years, simply request funds from your line for the amount you need – no need to reapply!


Available for undergraduate students enrolled, or enrolling in, any undergraduate program at an approved school*

Zero origination or fees
No application fee
Flexible repayment options
Easy online application and instant approval
24/7 call center and application support

A loan from a local, not-for profit lender that you can trust for years to come

Is Your School Eligible?

You are eligible for a student loan with OKCU if you live or attend school in Oklahoma. Click the link below to see a list of approved schools.

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Happy to Help

I have had several instances over the years when OKCU has helped me get through a financial pinch. The most recent situation was not a need but a want. OKCU allowed us to borrow the funds to take a dream vacation!
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Helping Oklahomans

Subject to annual review and credit qualification. Must meet school's Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements.

Subject to credit qualification and annual credit review. Must meet school’s Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements. Should you drop below half-time in the fall or spring, withdraw during any term, or fail to meet SAP requirements, your funding request can be denied, your loan may close, and you may enter repayment. Approved schools subject to change. A co-borrower may be necessary in order for you to meet credit criteria, and may also help you qualify for a lower rate. You may apply without being a member of the credit union, but you will need to become a member in order for the loan to be funded.