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A certificate is going to earn a fixed rate for the entire term, as opposed to a savings account having a fluctuating rate. No matter what happens to certificate rates, you are guaranteed the rate that you lock in at for the entire term.

With OKCU, your money is always local, and always accessible by calling us. There is no risk of ever losing your principal balance when you invest with OKCU.

A penalty may be imposed if you withdraw any of the principal before the maturity date. For all Share Certificate Accounts up to 12 months, the amount of the early withdrawal penalty is dividends earned, up to 90 days. For all Share Certificate Accounts over 12 months, the amount of the early withdrawal penalty is dividends earned, up to 180 days. The penalty is calculated as a forfeiture of part of the dividends that have been or would be earned on the account. At our option, we may pay the account before maturity without imposing an early withdrawal penalty under the following circumstances: 1. When an account owner dies or is determined legally incompetent by a court or other body of competent jurisdiction. 2. When the account is an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and any portion is paid within seven (7) days after the establishment; or where the account is a Keogh Plan (Keogh) provided that the depositor forfeits an amount of at least equal to the simple dividends earned in the amount withdrawn; or where the account is an IRA or Keogh and the owner attains age 59-1/2 or becomes disabled.

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