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Community Involvement

We love our community like we love our members.

Supporting the Communities Around Us


A Credit Union is a unique financial institution that operates with a strong emphasis on serving its members and the community they belong to. Unlike traditional banks that are profit-driven, Credit Unions are member-owned cooperatives, where each member has a say in the decision-making process. Credit Unions extend their support beyond individual financial needs to strengthen the entire community. 

Supporting the local community is part of who OKCU is. A large part of how OKCU does this is by collaborating with many local businesses, engaging in volunteer work and organizing community events. By being a member at OKCU you’re an active participant in building a stronger and more vibrant community. Your memberships helps shape the local environment by contributing to the economic, social and cultural well-being of the community. This collaborative approach reflects OKCU’s commitment to being for people not profit.

In a groundbreaking collaborative effort, eight local Oklahoman credit unions came together to host a free concert at Scissortail Park in 2023! This show was headlined by country singer Chris Young and opened by Robyn Ottolini. The concert drew an estimated crowd of over 18,000 from Oklahoma and the surrounding states. 

“We’re thrilled to have been part of this historic event. The synergy of credit unions coming together for a common cause and the incredible turnout of concertgoers is a testament to the power of community and love for music in our city. This event embodied the very essence of what credit unions stand for- people helping people.”

- Luann Schmiedel, CEO of Oklahoma’s Credit Union

The Oklahoma City Innovation District is a non-profit dedicated to revitalizing Oklahoma City’s entrepreneurial landscape. It encompasses 1.3 square miles just east of downtown Oklahoma City. The Innovation District fosters progress through advancements in research, technology, healthcare, aerospace and more. 

OKCU proudly supports the Innovation District through diverse initiatives, including active volunteering. During the 2023 Innovation Week, OKCU volunteered to help give over 900 middle school students the opportunity to participate in hands-on activities and demonstrations about aerospace engineering, medical science and more. OKCU has also participated in the Innovation District’s Annual Breakfast which discusses the major developments that have occurred in the Innovation District over the past year. 

Committed to early adoption of new technologies, OKCU ensures its members have the best possible experience. The credit union aligns itself with the innovation district’s mission, aiming to contribute to the advancements in technology, entrepreneurship and collaborative initiatives that shape the future of the state. 

Learn more about the Innovation District

Keep It Local is a program that promotes eating, shopping and playing local. With a Keep It Local Card, you can get rewards, like discounts, from local participating businesses. The initiative actively collaborates with a diverse array of businesses, from family-owned shops to artisanal boutiques and neighborhood cafes.

OKCU is a local financial cooperative, which means without the support of the community it serves, OKCU would not exist. One of the ways OKCU returns this support is by promoting local businesses through Rewards Debit and Credit programs. By forming partnerships with many outstanding local establishments, many of which are proud members of the Keep It Local network, OKCU aims to encourage members to take part in a movement that not only enhances their banking experience but also enriches the local economy.

"We've had the privilege of partnering with Oklahoma's Credit Union since 2010 to promote the importance of supporting local businesses and their communities. Our collaboration has included organizing events, co-sponsoring a Local Economic Impact Study and showcasing local business owners and their stories through our 'Oklahoma Originals' video series. OKCU has consistently proven to be a great partner to Keep It Local over the years. When it comes to supporting all things local, they invest their time and resources where their commitment lies, and you won't find a better group of people."

- Bryce Bandy, Co-Founder of Keep It Local OK

Learn more about Keep it Local

OKCU is honored to support the annual Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon is a race that celebrates life and honors the victims of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. It starts with a moment of silence and features banners for each victim. This event, which began in 2001, symbolizes the city’s resilience and raises funds for the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum. Its mission is to celebrate life, remember the past and unite the world in hope, emphasizing that it’s more than just a marathon; it’s a Run to Remember and a race to make a difference. This event is crucial for healing and educating younger generations about the impact of violence. 

For over a decade, OKCU has hosted a water stop along the marathon route, encouraging more than 24,000 race participants. By participating in and supporting this significant event, OKCU become an integral part of fostering unity and remembrance within the local community. 

The connection to this tragic event runs deep for many credit unions, including OKCU, as the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building housed a Federal Employees Credit Union office, now known as Allegiance Credit Union. People from all walks of life coming together to heal and honor the victims of the bombing is truly a testament to the credit union motto, “people helping people.”

“I’ve been volunteering at the OKC Memorial Marathon for at least a decade. No matter rain, shine or tornado, the race always went on, and while it might be hard to get up before dawn, it’s so rewarding to know you’ve been a part of something greater than yourself.“

- Tricia Jones, OKCU Employee

Learn more about the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon

OKCU’s Capitol Branch is just a few short blocks from the historic Mesta Park - a thriving neighborhood in the heart of Oklahoma City. Mesta Park was established in 1902 and displays beautiful architecture from the early 19th century. It is also host to many neighborhood events such as holiday decorating competitions, picnics and volleyball tournaments.  

OKCU has supported Mesta Park for their annual Mesta Festa since 2017. This exciting event is a fundraiser that supports the beautification and improvement of Mesta Park. It includes live music, food, drinks, family activities and more. By fostering a lively atmosphere, Mesta Festa becomes a cornerstone for building connections among residents and local businesses. 

“Volunteering at Mesta Festa is always such a highlight of my year! I love that I’m not only able to help out but connect with so many different people and have fun. There’s always so much great food, shops and games to check out!”

– Briana Waters, OKCU Employee

The Plaza District works to maintain its piece of Oklahoma City as a vibrant and diverse place where arts, local businesses and the community thrive. This district, located on NW 16th Street, features galleries, studios, shops, restaurants and performance venues. One of the biggest annual events they hold is the Plaza District Festival which highlights a wide array of Oklahoma’s own performing artists, visual artists, live musicians and children’s activities. The Plaza District also hosts a monthly event called LIVE! on the Plaza, an artwalk featuring live entertainment, art, food and all things local. Over the years, The Plaza District Association has revitalized the area, attracting investment businesses and reducing crime. Their vision is to establish the Plaza District as an arts and entertainment destination, focusing on financial sustainability, urban experience, business strength and ease of access. 

By partnering with the Plaza District, OKCU strives to help bring the community together. As a result of this collaboration, the Plaza District has not only seen economic growth but has also evolved into a place where residents and visitors can immerse themselves in a wide range of artistic expression, great food and community gatherings. 

“Without the support of Oklahoma’s Credit Union, our events wouldn’t be possible. We will have had 10 years of support in 2024 from OKCU being a district sponsor. Because of their generous support, we’ve been able to keep many of our events free to the public. Through OKCU’s unwavering commitment, events like the Plaza District Festival and LIVE! on the Plaza have thrived, keeping the spirit alive for over 50 local businesses. Their intentional partnerships and educational initiatives have not only driven traffic but also made a lasting impact on 4,000 artists and 200 nonprofits. OKCU has gone above and beyond, even volunteering their time at our events. Together, with Oklahoma’s Credit Union, we’re embodying our motto to ‘Experience Local Together.’”

- Rachael Leonhart, Executive Director of the Plaza District

Learn more about the Plaza District


Sasquatch Shaved Ice is a non-profit snow cone stand aiming to break the cycle of poverty by employing low-income youth. Located at 16th and Blackwelder, the snow cone stand will give employees the opportunity to save money for higher education, transportation and other future endeavors. OKCU partners with Sasquatch Shaved Ice to provide financial literacy training to employees.

Uncovering Oklahoma is a travel and interview series showcasing creative people and places in Oklahoma. In 2009, Dennis Spielman created the series to show off the fun, unique attractions Oklahoma has to offer. OKCU works with Uncovering Oklahoma, collaborating on several series’ including a local holiday shopping guide in 2023 that highlighted 11 unique shops in Oklahoma City:

OKCU has also done videos with local restaurants and breweries like Edge Craft Barbecue, Frenzy Brewing, Legally Brewed, Vanessa House Beer Co and Skydance Brewing. These stories not only help support local businesses, but also serve as a dynamic guide for individuals seeking new and exciting places to explore in Oklahoma. 

Supporting local businesses is one of the things that makes Oklahoma’s Credit Union what it is. With Uncovering Oklahoma, OKCU celebrates the essence of Oklahoma, discovering and sharing the extraordinary narratives that makes this state truly special. 

Learn more about Uncovering Oklahoma

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