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Membership Eligibility

How do you know if you're eligible to join Oklahoma's Credit Union? The short answer is if you live, work, attend church or school in the Oklahoma City area you can join. If that doesn't apply to you, check out our comprehensive list of employee partners to see if you are eligible for membership.

How do you know if you're eligible to join Oklahoma's Credit Union? The short answer is if you live, work, attend church or school in the Oklahoma City area you can join. If that doesn't apply to you, check out our comprehensive list of employee partners to see if you are eligible for membership. ESTABLISH YOUR MEMBERSHIP ONLINE

Join a community that puts people first, not profits

Everyone who lives, works or attends school or church in Oklahoma, Canadian, Cleveland, Grady, Lincoln, Logan, McClain or Pottawatomie Counties can join OKCU. Also if you work at a state agency that does not have its own credit union then you're eligible for OKCU. Finally, if you are a spouse, domestic partner, child, sibling, parent, grandparent or grandchild of someone who is eligible then you are eligible too.

Scroll down to see a comprehensive list of employee partners


Accountancy Board, Oklahoma

Accrediting Agency

Accrediting Bureau of Investigation, Oklahoma State (OSBI)

Adair County, Employees of

Administrative Office of the Courts

Aeronautics Commission, Oklahoma

Agriculture/ Forestry

Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement (ABLE)

Allergy Clinic, Oklahoma

Anatomical Board, State

Architects and Landscape Architects, Oklahoma Board of

Arts Council, Oklahoma

Association for Career and Tech Education (ACTE)

Atoka County, Employees of

Attorney General

Auditor and Inspector

Autry Technology Center


Bailiffs & Public Defenders

Banking Department, State

Bar Association

Bartlesville Energy & Technical Center

Beckham County, Employees of

Blaine County, Employees of

Blind & Deaf, School for the

Boll Weevil Eradication Organization, Oklahoma

Bond Advisor, Oklahoma State

Broadway Clinic

Bryan County, Employees of

Building Bonds Commission


Caddo/Kiowa Canadian Valley Technology Center

Canadian County, anyone who lives, works or attends school

Capital Investment Board, Oklahoma

Capitol Barber Shop

Capitol Beauty Shop

Capitol Complex and Centennial Commemoration

Capitol Heritage Cafeteria

Capitol Improvement Authority

Capitol Information Center

Career and Technology Education, Association for (OVA)

Career Technology, State Dept of

Carl Albert State College

Center for Advancement of Science & Technology, Oklahoma

Central Oklahoma Transportation & Parking Authority

Central Services, Department of

Chemical Tests for Alcohol and Drugs, Board of

Children & Youth, Oklahoma Commission on

Chiropractic Examiners, State Board of

Chisholm Trail Mental Health

Chisholm Trail Mental Health (Now Red Rock)

Chisholm Trail Technology Center

Choctaw County

City of Oklahoma City

Civil Emergency Management, Department of (Civil Defense)

Cleveland County, anyone who lives, works, worships or attends school

Coal County, Employees of

Commerce, Department of


CompSource Oklahoma (Insurance Fund)

Connors State College

Conservation Commission

Construction Industries Board

Consumer Credit, Commission on

Corporation Commission

Corrections, Department of

Cosmetology Board

Craig County, Employees of

Crime Victims Compensation Board

Criminal Appeals, Court of

Criminal Justice Resource Center

Custer County, Employees of


Dean A. McGee Eye Institute

Department of Human Services, Oklahoma

Dentistry, Board of

Development Finance Authority, Oklahoma

Disability Concerns, Office of

Disability Determination Division

District Attorneys Council

District Courts

Drumright Clinic


Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center

Eastern Oklahoma State College

Eastern State Hospital

Education, State Department of

Education Employees Group Insurance, Oklahoma (OEEGIB)

Education Oversight Board/Office of Accountability

Educational Television Authority

Election Board, State

Ellis County, Employees of

Embalmers and Funeral Directories Board

Employees Benefits Council

Employees Retirement System, Oklahoma

Employment Security Commission, Oklahoma

Energy Resources Board, Oklahoma

Environment, Secretary of

Environmental Finance Authority

Environmental Quality, Department of

Equalization, State Board of

Ethics Commissions


Fairfax Hospital

Faith Based Liaison, Office of Faith Links Oklahoma

Film Commission, Oklahoma

Finance, Office of State

Fire Marshall, State

Firefighters Pension and Retirement System

Foresters, State Board of Registration for

Francis Tuttle Technology Center

Family Members (Immediate) of eligible applicants & current members


Garvin County, Employees of

George Nigh Rehabilitation Institute

Gordon Cooper Technology Center

Governor, Office of the

Grady County, anyone who lives, works, worships or attends school

Grand River Dam Authority

Grant County, Employees of

Greer County, Employees of

Guthrie High School


Harmon County, Employees of

Harper County, Employees of

Health, Department of

Health Care Authority, Oklahoma

Health South Rehabilitation Center

High Plains Inst. Technology Center

Historical Society

Home of Hope

Homeland Security, Office of

Hope Mental Health/Hope Community Services

Horse Racing Commission

House of Representatives

Housing Authority, Oklahoma

Housing Finance Agency, Oklahoma

Hughes County, Employees of

Human Rights Commission, Oklahoma


Indian Affairs Commission, Oklahoma

Indian Capital Technology Center

Indigent Defense System

Industrial Finance Authority, Oklahoma

Insurance Fund/Comp Source (Insurance Fund)

Insurance, Department of

Interagency Mail Division

Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission


J.D. McCarty Center

J.M. Davis Memorial Commission

Jefferson Bus

Jefferson County, Employees of

Johnston County, Employees of

Judicial Complaints, Council on

Juvenile Affairs, Office of


Kay County, Employees of

Kiamichi Technology Center


Labor, Department of

Land Office, Commissioners of the

Langston University

Latimer County, Employees of

Law Enforcement Education and Training, Council on

Law Enforcement Retirement System

LeFlore County, Employees of

Legislative Service Bureau

Libraries, Dept of

Lieutenant Governor

Lincoln County, anyone who lives, works, worships or attends school

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board

Logan County, anyone who lives, works, worships or attends school

LP Gas (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)

Love County, Employees of


Major County, Employees of

Marginal Well Commission, Oklahoma

Marshall County, Employees of

McClain County, anyone who lives, works, worships or attends school

McCurtain County, Employees of

Medical Licensure and Supervision, Board of

Medical Tec/Res Authority

Mental Health

Meridian Technology Center

Merit Protection Commission, Oklahoma

Metro Transit/ Cent Ok Trans & Parking Authority (COTPA)

Mid America Technology Center

Mid Continent Ins. Group

Mines, Department of

Moore/Norman Technology Center

Municipal Clerks & Treasures Training Division

Municipal Power Authority, Oklahoma

Murray County, Employees of

Murray State College


Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control, Bureau of

Native American Cultural & Education Authority of Oklahoma

Noble County, Employees of

Norman Alcohol & Drug Training Center

Northcare Mental Health

Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College

Northern Oklahoma College

Northwest Technology Center

Northwestern Oklahoma St. University

Nowata County, Employees of

Nursing Home Administrators, OK State Board Examiners

Nursing, Oklahoma Board of


(OCAST) Center for Advancement of Science/Technology

ODOT (Oklahoma Dept of Transportation)

OETA (Oklahoma Education Television Authority)

OECU Employees

Office of Personnel MGMT (OPM)

Okfuskee County, Employees of

Oklahoma City Clinic

Oklahoma City Community College

Oklahoma City County Health Department

Oklahoma Department of Mental Health

Oklahoma County, anyone who lives, works, worships or attends school

Oklahoma Military Department

Oklahoma Public Employees Association (OPEA)

Oklahoma Publishing Company (OPUBCO)

Oklahoma State Industries

Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma Trial Lawyers Association

Optometry Board


OU Health Science Center

Osteopathic Examiners, State Board of

OU Medical Center


Panhandle State University

Pardon and Parole Board

Peanut Commission, Oklahoma

Perfusionists, Board of Examiners of

Personnel Management, Office of (OPM)

Pharmacy Board, State

Physician Manpower & Training

Pioneer Technology Center

Pittsburg County, Employees of

Podiatric Medical Examiners, State Board of

Police Pension and Retirement System

Pollution Control

Pontotoc County, Employees of

Pontotoc Technology Center

Pottawatomie County, anyone who lives, works, worships or attends school

Presbyterian Hospital /OU Medical Center

Private Vocational Schools, Board of

Prof. Engineers and Land Surveyors Bd.

Psychologists Examiners, Board of

Public Employees Relations Board

Public Employees Retirement System, Oklahoma

Public Safety, Dept of

Pushmataha County, Employees of


Quartz Mountain Arts and Conference Center


Radiology Consultants

Radiology Group

Real Estate Commission, Oklahoma

Red River Technology Center

Red Rock Mental Health

Regents for A&M Colleges

Regents for Higher Education

Regents for Oklahoma Colleges

Roger Mills County, Employees of

Rogers State University

Rose State College


Scenic Rivers Commission

School of Science & Mathematics, Oklahoma

Secretary of State

Securities Commission, Oklahoma

Seminole Medical Center

Seminole State College

Senate, Oklahoma State

Sequoyah Cafeteria

Sequoyah County, Employees of

Sheep & Wool Commission, Oklahoma

Social Workers, Registration Board for Licensed

Sorghum Commission, Oklahoma

Southern Oklahoma Technology Center

Southwest Technology Center

Soybean Commission

Space Industry Development Authority

Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Board

Spiro Public Schools

State & Education Employees Group Insurance Board, OK

State Medical Examiner

Student Loan Authority, Oklahoma

Supreme Court


Tax Commission, Oklahoma

Teacher Preparation, Oklahoma Commission for

Texas County, Employees of

Tillman County, Employees of

Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust, Board of

Tourism & Recreation Department, Oklahoma

Tourism & Recreation Department, Oklahoma (Hourly)

Transportation Authority/Turnpike Authority

Transportation, Department of

Treasurer, Oklahoma State

Trial Lawyers Association, Oklahoma

Tulsa Community College


Union Bus Station

University Hospital Authority

University of Central Oklahoma

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (Presbyterian)

University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma

University Physicians Medical Center


Veterans Affairs, Oklahoma Department of

Veterinary Medical Examiners, Board of


Water Resources Board

Wes Watkins Technology Center

Western Oklahoma State College

Western State Hospital

Western Technology Center

Wheat Commission

Will Rogers Memorial Commission

Wildlife Conservation

Woods County, Employees of

Woodward County, Employees of

Works and Lentz Law Firm Workers Compensation Court

Interested in Establishing Your Credit?

Interested in Establishing Your Credit?

A safe and easy way to build your credit is with a Rewards Credit Card. It’s as simple as making your credit card payments on time every month. Want to set up automatic payments so you never have to worry about if you’re on time or not? Just say the word.

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Happy To Help Stories

Why do our members love being part of OKCU? Find out below.

  • Holly E.
    OKCU helped us realize that working with a financial institution for our checking, savings and loans doesn't have to be an intimidating experience.

    – Holly E.
  • Shelby F.

    OKCU is a bright spot in our community. They are more than just a business and I'm proud to say we've found our bank home.

    – Shelby F.

  • Lucinda A.

    OKCU has also shown me the way to financial security, by having the best rates, great supportive staff, well designed and easy to use website and financial education.

    – Lucinda A.

  • Jennifer B.

    I have been with OKCU for over 10 years now and I have had such wonderful service! I feel like I am a part of a family with OKCU, as they go above and beyond to make sure I am taken care of.

    – Jennifer B.

  • Brigette G.

    The quality of personnel at OKCU cannot be beat. Oklahoma style attitude with every single call or visit at the superb level of customer service for the ultimate banking experience.

    – Brigette G.

  • Angela M.

    The customer service I receive every time I call, come in or drive thru is completely outstanding. I have never had a bank that cared so much for its members.

    – Angela M.

  • Anthony U
    They work hard to protect your money and keep your identity safe. 

    – Anthony U.
    ​Member Since 2015