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Online Banking FAQ

If you have questions about online banking, you've come to the right place.

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If you have questions about online banking, you've come to the right place. Call Us

Online banking doesn't have to be a mystery. Check out these FAQs.

What if I forget my password?

Log in using your user ID. When the system prompts you for your password, select “forgot password” from the options at the bottom of the screen.

What if I forget my user ID?

Please contact the OKCU Phone Center at 405.606.6528 or 1.877.677.6328

What if I forget the answers to my security questions?

Please contact the OKCU Phone Center at 405.606.6528 or 1.877.677.6328.

How often do I have to change my online banking password?

You will be required to change your password every 999 days.

Does online banking work with Quicken?

Absolutely. Our online banking was designed to be highly compatible with this popular software. We have achieved this compatibility by building an industry-standard Quicken Interchange Format (QIF) downloading capability right into online banking. You can access the downloading capability by selecting your account then click the Export button.

Is online banking secure?

Yes, we support TLS 1.2 with 256-bit encryption.

Can anyone else see my account information?

No. Your online account information is available through access methods that have been rigorously tested for security accessibility. The information is not public. Only you can access it using your user ID and password. Please keep this information secure and sign off when you are finished with online banking.

What types of accounts are included on online banking?

You can access the following types of accounts:

  • Checking
  • Savings
  • Home Loans
  • Auto Loans
  • Lifestyle Loans
  • Certificates
  • Credit Cards
  • Home Equity Lines of Credit

Can I have more than one checking account linked to online banking?

Yes. You can link all of your checking accounts to online banking.

How current is this information?

Transactions, transfers and balances are real-time updates. Debit card transactions are based on the merchant and when the merchant submits their transaction file to us.

Happy To Help Stories

Why do our members love being part of OKCU? Find out below.

  • Janet B.
    I can schedule and pay bills, make deposits and so much more from my home computer. I've even applied for a loan on line. Huge time saver!

    – Janet B.
  • Pamela D.
    As an out-of-state member, I get checks at home in Texas and have been able to use the online deposit for those.

    – Pamela D.
  • Natasha N.

    The mobile app is like my best friend, it’s always accurate and easy to pull up.

    – Natasha N.

  • Tuesday M.

    I loved the bill pay feature so much! The time and money it saves is convenient and provides peace of mind. I’ve told everyone about it!

    – Tuesday M.
  • Kristi K.
    The app on my phone allows me to check my balance and transfer money without having to drive to the office, allowing me to simplify my life!

    – Kristi K.
  • Josh R.

    Great online customer service. When I have a question or have a charge, your online team has explained and resolved my issues.

    – Josh R.

  • Shelly M.
    Quick signatures from our smart phones made getting a loan with OKCU it a cinch! Now we have great credit scores with an excellent rate on our new car!

    – Shelly M.
  • Lori B
    Opened a student checking account for my kid and I love how everything is online and no hassle!

    – Lori B.
    ​Member Since 2006