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This information was updated on 4.3.20

This information was updated on 4.3.20

OKCU is Prepared

At Oklahoma’s Credit Union, our #1 core value is We Care. We care about our team, our members and our community. We are closely monitoring the current health situation surrounding COVID-19 and are making necessary adjustments as updates are communicated. 

You can read information regarding OKCU's response to COVID-19, hardship assistance options, FAQs and more below.

OKCU is an Essential Business

Due to the critical role we play, OKCU is considered an essential business and may continue to operate under state of emergency and shelter in place orders. Despite these restrictions, we have been and will continue to be available to help you manage your money.

Steps Taken in Response to COVID-19

Protecting the health of our community is our number one priority. We have made changes to keep our members and employees safe.

  • Tulsa, Vinita and ODOT Branches are temporarily closed.
  • Capitol, South OKC, Quail Springs and NW Expressway Branches lobbies are closed.
  • We are available to help you over the phone or in the drive-thru during these updated hours of operation.
    • Capitol Branch is open 9 am to 5 pm Monday - Friday and 9 am to 1 pm on Saturday.
    • South OKC, Quail Springs and NW Expressway Branches are open 9 am to 5 pm Monday - Friday and 9 am to 12 pm on Saturday.
  • Annual Meeting has been cancelled.
  • All workshops through May have been cancelled.

Hardship Assistance Available

Has your income been affected by COVID-19? We are offering hardship assistance for those affected by the current health situation.

How To Practice Social Distancing While Banking

By reducing physical contact, we hope we will contribute in flattening the COVID-19 transmission curve. Below are some ways to manage your money while social distancing. If you have a disability that prevents you from effectively managing your money using these channels, please contact us so we may provide an alternate plan that works for you.
  • New and replacement debit cards will be available in the drive-thru at Capitol Branch. 
  • Night Drop at Capitol, South OKC, Quail Springs and NW Expressway Branches can be utilized to make payments and deposits.
  • Manage your finances safely by using contactless options when possible. See the graph below to view your options for common transactions.


Is OKCU open? 

Yes, Oklahoma’s Credit Union is open and happy to help you with all of your banking needs. We are committed to providing safe, responsible and easy ways to access your money during this unique situation. 

How can I limit my COVID-19 transmission risk when managing my money? 

We encourage you to practice social distancing even when managing your money. Reduce or eliminate your use of cash when possible. Consider using digital payments such as Apple and Samsung Pay. Regularly sanitize your debit and credit cards. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after handling cash, depositing checks, using ATMs, etc.

Is cash sanitized by the Federal Reserve or financial institutions before public redistribution?

No. You should reduce or eliminate your use of cash when possible.

Will ATMs run out of money?

No. ATMs will continue to be a way for you to withdraw cash when needed. 

Will government orders stop me from traveling to OKCU to deposit my paycheck or withdraw cash?

The financial services sector is considered critical infrastructure by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Therefore, OKCU is considered an essential business and may continue to operate under state of emergency and shelter in place orders.

Will OKCU be able to help me if I am affected by COVID-19? 

We know it’s likely you will be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Should you have any needs, we stand ready to assist you in any way we can. We continue to look for new opportunities to provide value during times of uncertainty. If you need assistance, please contact us by calling 877.677.6328 or by clicking the CHAT button on the left side of your screen.

Is my money safe at OKCU? 

Rest assured, OKCU is a strong and stable financial institution. You can feel confident that your hard-earned money is safe and your accounts are insured by the NCUA up to $250,000.

Will stock market volatility impact OKCU?

OKCU is a strong and stable financial institution. We do not anticipate serious negative impact to our financial standing. OKCU continuously maintains a level of capital that can weather good times and bad.

With employees working from home, what measures are you taking to ensure my information is kept secure?

At OKCU, we have been utilizing secure digital channels and limiting traditional paperwork for years. You can feel confident that your information is safe and secure despite this unique situation. 

How can I keep an eye out for scams related to COVID-19?

  • Pay close attention to communications claiming to be from health organizations, government agencies or other “experts” claiming to have a cure or information about the virus. For current information about COVID-19, visit the CDC.
  • Be careful where you shop. Scammers create fake shops, websites, social media accounts and email addresses claiming to sell supplies currently in high demand.
  • Be smart about investments. Scammers offer online promotions claiming that the products or services of publicly traded companies can prevent, detect or cure COVID-19, and that the stock of these companies will dramatically increase in value as a result. 
  • Do your own research or fact checking before you donate to a charity. If there is an organization that you would like to make a donation to, contact them directly and inquire about options they have for supporting specific causes.
  • As always, don't click on links from sources you aren't familiar with, take the time to ensure your anti-virus software is up to date and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 

What should I do if my small business has been impacted by COVID-19? 

If you own a small business, we know money may be tight during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Small Business Administration is offering assistance in the form of disaster loans for businesses, private nonprofits, homeowners and renters. You can learn more and apply on the webiste

What do I do if I have questions while filling out SBA Disaster Loan application?

SCORE has compiled several resources to help small business owners fill out the application properly. They have also included webinars, FAQs and other options for financial support. You can learn more on their website

How will the CARES Act help my business?

The CARES Act will offer new resources for small businesses once implemented. The U.S. Committee on Small Business & Entrepreneurship created a guide with information regarding the major programs, initiatives and tax provisisons that will be available. You can download the guide on their website

What other resources are available to me and my small business?

The following organizations have compiled resources for small businesses affected by COVID-19. 


Am I eligible to receive a stimulus check?

Eligible to receive the full amount:
  • Individuals with adjusted gross income up to $75,000
  • Married couples filing jointly with adjusted gross income up to $150,000
Eligible to receive a partial amount:
  • Those with income above these amounts will receive a stimulus check with the amount reduced by $5 for each $100 above the $75,000 or $150,000 thresholds.
Not eligible:
  • Individuals with income exceeding $99,000
  • Joint filers without children with income exceeding $198,000

How much will I receive?

Eligible taxpayers who filed tax returns for either 2019 or 2018 will automatically receive up to $1,200 for individuals or $2,400 for married couples. Parents will also receive $500 for each qualifying child.

The IRS will calculate and automatically send the amount based on your eligibility. If you have already filed your 2019 taxes, the IRS will use this information to calculate your amount. If you have not yet filed your 2019 taxes, the IRS will use information from your 2018 tax filing to calculate your payment.

How will I receive my stimulus check?

If eligible, your stimulus check will be deposited directly into the same banking account reflected on the return filed.

What happens if the IRS does not have my direct deposit information?

There is a plan to develop a web-based portal for individuals to provide their banking information to the IRS online in the coming weeks. This will allow individuals to receive payments immediately and securely as opposed to receiving a check in the mail.

What do I do if I have not filed my taxes for 2018 or 2019?

If you have a tax filing obligation for 2018 or 2019, the IRS urges you to file as soon as possible to receive a stimulus check and include direct deposit information on the return.

If you are not typically required to file your taxes, the IRS will use information on your Form SSA-1099 or Form RRB-1099 to calculate the payment amount. This includes low-income taxpayers, senior citizens, Social Security recipients and railroad retirees. Since the IRS does not have information regarding any dependents for these people, the total payment will not include any additional amount for dependents at this time.

What if I need help filing my taxes?

If you need to visit a tax professional or local community organization in person to get help with a tax return, stimulus checks will be available throughout end of 2020.

*Annual Percentage Rate. Loan up to $2,500. Max term 25 months. Excludes existing OKCU loans. Requires automatic payments. Must meet membership eligibility requirements. Normal lending policies apply. Limited time offer.